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Presentation Gift

Torah Pointer

Size: 5 x 9.5 x 1.5cm
Material: brass and kilncast glass
Made: 2009

Cancer Council: Nurses Campaign Awards

The concept of a spiral of positive, uplifting qualities entered my mental vision whilst designing this award. I have the greatest admiration for people in the caring profession. They touch our lives at times when we are raw and grieving more than when we a content.

The text encompasses some of the qualities that nurses share with their patients and visa versa. I am also aware that we first need to recognise theses qualities within ourselves before we can express them to others and this is the mystery within the award.

I want the viewer to pick up the piece and look within to engage with the words.


Australian Conservation Foundation: Peter Rawlinson Award

Each year the Australian Conservation Foundation remembers the remarkable contribution to the environment made by Peter Rawlinson, who died tragically in 1991 while undertaking research field world in Indonesia. His original area of speciality was reptile, lizards and snakes of South East Australia.

His concern for the environment is reflected in the presentation of an annual award acknowledging an outstanding contribution to the protection of our natural world.